TNT Mercury - Intense Pump
TNT Mercury - Intense Pump

TNT Mercury - Intense Pump

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A muscle pump is something every athlete is driven to achieve in every workout. A muscle pump is a signal of effective training and muscle hypertrophy (growth). Intense Pump gives a phenomenal advantage in attaining this desired state through several complimenting ingredients that boost Nitric Oxide production, whilst gorging the muscle with glycogen.

The uptake through Vasodilation (increased blood flow) opens up the vascular pathways so muscle-building pump nutrients get to the working muscle efficiently and quickly. Intense Pump is a one-stop solution to incredible muscle pumps.

In the search for superior muscle pump, recovery, and muscle output, science has clinically proven that certain ingredients greatly support this desired state when administered in the correct dose. Not only does Intense PUMP include the best of these tested ingredients but it also has them in the required dosage for maximum effect. The synergistic effect causes the muscles to blow up and perform at optimal levels so every workout gives you the desired effect, leaving you satisfied you have killed it in the gym.

Intense Pump is stimulant-free. The dilation effect is unrestricted and the user will experience no anxiety, jitters, or the dreaded crash. As such, every ingredient is directly related to muscle output and will not overload the adrenal or central nervous system. Intense Pump is perfect for serious athletes seeking massive pumps but are stimulant sensitive, train in the evening and need to sleep, or simply do not enjoy the stimulant sensation from stimulant driven pre-workouts. Intense PUMP is exactly what the name implies. A one-stop solution to massive Intense Pumps with zero crash. Each workout will induce fascial stretching forcing the muscle beyond its normal size creating a greater number of capillaries allowing for more nutrients and oxygen and hence more muscle growth long term.

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