TNT Mercury - Crea-Max
TNT Mercury - Crea-Max
TNT Mercury - Crea-Max

TNT Mercury - Crea-Max

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TNT MERCURY CREA-MAX delivers a next generation anabolic recovery surge for hard gainers. The insulin reaction of Crea Max unlocks the muscle to allow fast, effective recovery and performance. Especially trainers who work in the 6-12 rep range will experience the benefits of the Creatine component. Along with this is the cell volumising matrix which creates a bigger, stronger and more pumped muscle reaction.
We often refer to the most important, anabolic window of training. During this period of post training the muscles crave glycogen to restore the anabolic environment and produce the much sought after muscle gain we so desperately seek.

TNT MERCURY CREA-MAX addresses this need by unlocking the muscle and replenishing vital lost nutrients and amino acids required to put on lean mass.
By Utilising TNT MERCURY CREA-MAX as part of your daily supplement regimen in conjunction with a protein rich calorie specific diet plan, you will gain the results from your workouts. During heavy low rep range resistance training, Creatine is critical for muscle performance, strength and recovery. The efficiency by which the Creatine enters the muscle is accelerated with the other active ingredients and specific carbohydrate blend found in TNT MERCURY CREA-MAX designed to act as a transport mechanism.

TNT MERCURY CREA-MAX drastically improves a muscles ability to generate energy for more power and recovery during intense training. TNT MERCURY CREA-MAX ensures this vital nutrient is delivered to the working muscle efficiently. Over time the muscle will experience a significant increase in output and recovery, translating to more reps, poundage and gains.
Use TNT MERCURY CREA-MAX during periods of muscle gain when you are driven to push more poundage and increase lean muscle mass. For steady gains ensure your diet is sufficient in muscle building calories and has the correct split of Macro Nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats). By supplementing your mass building diet regimen with TNT MERCURY CREA-MAX before, during or after training, the much needed muscle glycogen reserves will not be diminished and the muscle will hold its anabolic state longer. By applying these tried and tested principles for a period of 8-12 weeks with the intense training required, even the hardest gainers will yield impressive results.

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