Pro Nutrition - Lean Girl Shake 'n Slim

Pro Nutrition - Lean Girl Shake 'n Slim

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  • Maximise Energy Levels
  • Curbs Sugar Cravings
  • Advanced Fat Reducing Micro-Nutrients
  • Cholesterol-Free, Less Than 1 g Fat Per Serving
  • Vitamin Enriched
  • Sucrose Free

Lean Girl’s Shake ‘n Slim with Chromium Picolinate and Hydroxy Citric Acid has been scientifically formulated for ladies striving for fat reduction. Each serving of Shake ’n Slim’s high protein and low glycaemic index carbohydrates provides sustained energy and maintains muscle tissue. Enriched with advanced multi-vitamins and micronutrients aiding fat reduction and increased mental vitality. Using Lean Girl Shake ‘n Slim as a quick, healthy meal replacement will be a smart, effective approach to weight loss.

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