TNT Mercury - Supa Mass 4.2kg Bag

TNT Mercury - Supa Mass 4.2kg Bag

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SUPA MASS is an engineered, high calorie meal replacement, developed to support the elevated calorie requirements and higher energy turnover rates that occur as a result of peaked muscle development. Consuming the correct macronutrient ratios ensures that the vital anabolic-bridge between performance training and recovery occurs, edging you closer to your goals via the total replenishment of muscle glycogen reserves, elevated rates of muscle amino pooling and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance for an increased muscle synthesis rate lasting longer than 24 hours.

SUPA MASS offers 50 g of protein per serving, along with a high-dose inclusion of VOLU-MASS ATP-STACK and our TEST PEAK MATRIX, as well as a high level of carbohydrates needed to fuel your maximum growth performance

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